Raising Teens Irish

Alan Mitchell, judge of the city of Galway (Ireland) decided to punish a fifteen-year-old schoolboy who constantly skipped school. The judge decided that the parents were to blame for this behavior and therefore one of them should be held accountable for this offense. Whether it is mom or dad, Alan suggested that the child himself be determined. Whom the boy chooses to be guilty, he will serve three weeks in prison, and the second will face a suspended sentence.

A cruel sentence? Not at all. The student missed ninety-one out of one hundred and fourteen school days. In this behavior, the Irish authorities see a threat to society and the state, and therefore opened a criminal case. The judge explained that if the students themselves decide whether to attend classes or not, then anarchy will ensue. And this is unacceptable.

To make decisions, the court gave the boy exactly twenty-four hours to think and announce his choice. But then the judge postponed the hearing for a month, and the guy turned sixteen. And at this age, he can already answer for himself. But in the event of another truancy, one of his parents will definitely sit down.