10 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

A small article that contains 10 reasons why Android is better than iPhone phones, with a description of the benefits.

1. Dimensions

Apple boasted that the iPhone 5 has grown from 3.5 inches to 4. And in the world of Android 4, the 3-inch Droid RAZR M is considered a "compact" phone, the 4, 8-inch Galaxy S III is normal, and only 5.5 inch Galaxy Note II larger.

2. Icons

Congratulations to iPhone 5 users! Now you will get an extra row of icons, which was not the case with the iPhone 4 and 4S. This means you can see your TweetDeck icon and click on it without scrolling. However, if you use any Android phone, you get more than just a static set of app icons on your one of 5 or 7 home screens. You also have a desktop that you can fill with interactive widgets that show everything: from the weather to the latest updates on social networks.

3. Attachments

Yabloko is in no hurry to introduce controversial technologies that are just developing. The company has just now enabled this "newfangled" thing called "email attachments" on its iPhone 5. Android allows you to attach any files you want to email.

4. Mobile payments

If you have an iPhone 5, you can simply forget about using mobile payment systems, which allow you to simply touch the reader to complete the purchase. The latest Android phones with NFC support can not only send payments, but also exchange photos, contacts, videos and more by simply touching another phone.

5. Copy files

Try connecting your Android phone to your computer and setting it as a mass storage device. Happened? You can have access to all files and folders, just like you look at a regular USB flash drive. So if you want to copy an MP3 or PowerPoint presentation to your Android phone, you can just drag and drop it. What happens if you connect iPhone 5 to your computer? You are accessing the digital camera folder (DCIM). And all you can do is drag and drop photos. Yes, you can also transfer media files using iTunes, but you still cannot view the rest of the files.

6. Keypad

On iPhone 5, you can only use the virtual keyboard built into iOS 6. If you are using Android and you don't like the default keyboard, you can install third-party virtual keyboards that you prefer. Some of the best Android keyboards include Swype technology, which Allows you to print with just one movement. Or the SwiftKey app, which predicts the next word in a sentence. You can even take a phone that has a real keyboard. For example, like the Motorola Droid 4.

7. Tactile Feedback

Most Android phones offer additional tactile feedback, which allows for noticeable vibration when typing while pressing or holding buttons on the screen. While some people don't like tactile feedback, vibration will give you a strong confirmation that your touch is recognized, so you don't have to press twice. Unfortunately, with the iPhone 5, you have no choice: just a flat screen that provides no feedback.

8. Connectors

If you love gadgets, you probably have a drawer littered with all kinds of USB cables. And if you can't pick up one, you can buy a new one at almost any electronics store. When upgrading an old phone to a new one, you can still use the same old cables and chargers, because micro USB is already standard. Indeed, the European Union requires phone manufacturers to use micro USB for charging. Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 uses its own proprietary connector instead of the standard micro USB, offering a USB adapter. But why not just use micro USB like any other company?

9. Applications

On Android, you can share your photo by simply pressing the Share button. When you click on your choice, you are presented with an extensive list of services through which you can share with your friends. And the list is growing. Instead of giving you a choice, the iPhone 5 allows each application developer to create their own menu, which has a limited list of services. By default, Safari and IOS Photo Gallery can only share to Facebook, Twitter, email or messaging. Google, Flickr, Pinterest, Google Talk and any of the 100 other services cannot be used. Also, having received root rights, you can install all possible software, games and many other interesting applications on the site http://fast-android.net and on many others.

10. Stylus

"If you see a stylus, throw it out." Steve Jobs said something like that when he introduced one of the first iPhones. Nothing has changed on the iPhone 5 - it does not support pen input. Yes, you can buy third-party capacitive styluses that work on the iPhone 5, but they're still just sticks that are just thinner than your finger. Do you want to write notes normally how you do it on paper? On Android there is such a possibility. For example, Samsung Galaxy Note and LG Intuition. Both devices have large screens, active stylus and deep integration of the pen into the operating system.