Pick-up on the hunt (Article)

Since ancient times, men have hunted. Only if earlier it was game for food, now it is women. A man needs them for physical and moral satisfaction. Of course, not everyone is like that. And who exactly are they are called pickups.

We know that the body of a car is called a pickup, but in this case it means something completely different. This is the science of seducing the weaker sex in order to get sex (translated from English pick up - to take off, pick up).

In order to get sex from the girl he likes, the pickup artist uses all his seduction skills. These are compliments, both simple and with a hook, touching various parts of the girl's body in order to win her over, to excite her. Usually they touch the shoulders, knees, hair. But there are also rough, obsessive touches.

The pick-up activity is primarily in bars, nightclubs and pubs. Then go to traffic jams, streets, metro, private parties. Aerobatics is an acquaintance in an art gallery, theater, library, at an exhibition. These are usually the most interesting girls, because the pick-up artists are rather jaded with accessibility and the ladies from high society arouse a real interest in them. Often, pick-up masters end their careers by marrying one of their victims.

For men, picking up is a way to pamper yourself, assert yourself. And women should not believe beautiful words and act in harmony with their own self.