Great little men

The classic of all examples of low, powerful and successful men is Napoleon, whose height is one meter fifty one centimeters. He was adored by women, and men too - admired and envied. Psychologists later identified the "Napoleon complex", referring to men of short stature, who strive for greatness, wealth and power.

Even from adolescence, young men understand that they are no match for their taller peers, because they will not win their place under the sun by force or fists. Therefore, they begin to engage in self-education - to read, to learn something new. Thus, they quickly become independent and mature.

Outwardly, people with the "Napoleon complex" look confident, but inside they have continuous contradictions about their height. But with this complex, many famous actors appeared - Al Pacino, Louis de Funes, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Allen and others.

Some added a few centimeters to themselves with the help of high-heeled shoes. For example, Elvis Presley did it.

In addition, short men, according to women, are more ardent lovers than tall comrades.

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