The strangest taxes of different countries

As it turned out, taxes in Russia are not yet the most absurd. Compared to other countries, they are still quite logical.

- In China there is a tax for the fact that a person lives in an unregistered marriage. Thus, they are struggling with the destructive habit of having civil relations. The tax is paid on the basis of a denunciation of compassionate neighbors who from time to time can "snitch".

- Also, the Chinese have introduced a five percent tax on chopsticks. If you use their national attribute when eating, pay money.

- In Venice, you cannot cast shadows on buildings for various roadside shops and restaurants. This is due to the fact that the sun rarely appears there, mostly clouds own the sky. In order not to obscure the windows of houses with visors, the authorities introduced this tax. Entrepreneurs immediately put up visors and umbrellas, and those who did not want to spoil the view paid the tax.

- One of the poorest nations in West Africa levies a tax on peace. Each year, seventeen euros are obtained from each. For comparison, coffee in this country costs seventeen euro cents, and there is no military action.

- In the archipelago (Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca) the sun tax. For staying on the beach you have to pay 1 euro per day. The funds are used to clean up the beaches.

Our country also indulges in taxes, which often leads to absurdity, and if you are fed up with this situation and you want to sell the company and start a more promising one, we advise you to contact the specialists at