Hello Kitty cute planes

Everyone already knows who Hello Kitty is and who the country of origin of this brand is. The Japanese cute kitty became so popular that a Taiwanese airline called EVA Air made several airplane models in the style of this Japanese kitty. Design in this style both inside and outside the airliners.

First, in two thousand and five, only one aircraft was made in this design - for trial, so to speak. It turned out that this style is in demand and justifies itself, so now you can already see several planes with Hello Kitty images.

The kitty is decorated with the uniforms of flight attendants, aircraft napkins, pillows and even toilet paper. Well, you can also see it on the outer fuselages of the airliner. Also, the food (meat chops, chopped vegetables, etc.), which is offered during the flights, is made in the form of a cat.