What is the Andromeda Nebula?

Space is an infinite and very deep concept. The more it is studied, the more questions arise, one of which is the existence of life forms similar to ours. Everyone knows that there is no life anywhere else, except on our planet. But the similarity of the Milky Way and Andromeda gives rise to thoughts about the existence of some kind of life, other than ours.

The Andromeda Nebula was not previously listed as a galaxy. In the past century, scientists have argued that these are clouds of interstellar gas or a nebula, and not a galaxy - a huge cluster of stars. But in the twenty-first century, it became clear that although Andromeda is not close to us, it is similar to the Milky Way. Because of these similarities, scientists can study the structure of our own galaxy by observing Andromeda. Strong absorption of light by interstellar dust in the plane of the galactic disk makes it difficult to study the Milky Way from the inside, and Andromeda gives a chance to see the structure of the Milky Way from the side.

The Andromeda Nebula is one and a half times larger than our galaxy, which is characterized by a predator that consumes everything in its path. But now it has been noticed that the distance between it and our galaxy is gradually decreasing. It is assumed that gravitating, these two galaxies in the future may merge into one.

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