Biologists prove sharks have social connections

Zoologists have long assumed that sharks have strong and stable social relationships. True, it is very difficult to prove this fact due to the extraordinary mobility in the behavior of these huge fish in their natural environment.

The French from CRIOBE attempted to obtain such data on the islands of French Polynesia in nocturnal Malgash sharks. The fact that this species has strong bonds has long been known and scientists wanted to determine how strong they are and what is the principle of forming small shark groups. To carry out the research, it was necessary to sail for several kilometers from the coast and take surveys at a depth of fifteen meters.

The groups turned out to be heterosexual, four to five individuals in each. The groups lived in the same territory, together they defended it from strangers' raids. When hunting together, everyone knew exactly their responsibilities and places. The brain size of these sharks is no less than mammals, so the presence of social connections did not come as a surprise to scientists. Now the goal is to compare the DNA of all members of the group, because it is interesting to know whether the groups are based on family ties or not.