Smart bags in the form of books

There has long been a problem that almost all young people have stopped reading classical and other literature. Of course, this is their business, but Lithuanian designers from the A&V company are trying to contribute to the education of the younger generation and have created a collection of very stylish and unusual women's bags.

Designers believe in true folk values ​​and therefore decided to promote them with help. "Literary" bags. The shape of the bag is made in the form of a book, which simultaneously expresses the craving for knowledge, and is a noticeable, catchy accessory. And let there be no volumes of Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Dumas, Pushkin or Tolstoy inside the artfully made of suede covers, but this will push the people around them to some thoughts.

For this collection, genuine leather and suede are used as materials. The outside of these bags is decorated with hand-made embroidery, which displays the authors and the names of the "books".