What's new in Microsoft Office 2013? (Overview)

What's new in Microsoft Office 2013? - this short review will tell you about the main flaws and advantages of this product. Let's start with the interface.

The modern design allows you to access popular features much faster. In addition, you can customize the look in every available Office tool. Owners of tablet computers will not remain indifferent to the new design. Those who like to work with the mouse can also rejoice. They will manage to get the old interface back.

Sky Drive. We can say that the main innovation of Office 2013 is support for "cloud" services. In this case, you cannot do without an account on the Microsoft website.

However, nothing prevents users from saving documents on the hard drive of the computer. Working with the cloud is very simple. Wherever you are, access to your files and personal settings will always be open.

In Microsoft Office 2013, each tool has been improved and changed.

Microsoft Word 2013. A very famous application that allows you to work with text records, has received a useful feature - PDF files can be converted to DOC. In addition, the new Word has the ability to use online multimedia content. Now each user will be able to insert pictures and videos from the Internet into the document without closing the "Word" interface. A new reading mode is also available. In this case, many interface elements and various tools will be hidden. The new interface is focused on tablets and touchscreen computers. A special mode allows you to enlarge and optimize text records. Thus, viewing becomes more convenient.

Microsoft Excel 2013. This utility also introduces a large number of important innovations. For example, we can note a function that allows visualizing user information in a quick period of time. Another useful innovation is Flash Fill technology. With its help, it will be possible to reformat or reorganize various records in a quick period of time. New Excel allows you to define the structure of files and automatically fill in the information that is missing. A blank document will no longer be displayed. The user will see a special page with standard templates for various projects.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Recently, this tool has an interesting function with which you can present projects online. Users will be able to share a common project at one point in time.

Microsoft OneNote 2013. Finally, we saw a real cross-platform utility that allows you to create and view various notes. You can draw, specify text, use handwritten characters, customize files, view notes on various devices (smartphones running Windows Phone and iOS, Android devices, and personal computers). There is also support for any browser (Office Web Apps is used).

Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Business Contact Manager. The new version has a “People Tab” tab. With its help, it will be possible to consolidate contact information. Thus, duplication of records is excluded. You can also check for new messages on social networks. Next to each contact there will be an item “What’s New”. The calendar mode has received such a change: they will be able to be shared with other users.

Microsoft Publisher 2013. With this professional product, you can create and design layouts for publications and a variety of marketing templates.

The new release includes accessibility features. With their help, it will be possible to edit, add, format images or text records. In this way, publications get a creative look.

Microsoft Access 2013: In the case of an interactive DBMS, the changes affected the programming logic itself. There was an integration with the base of the business idea (Business Data Catalog, BDC), online catalogs, templates.

The new edition offered web development Access 2013. A very interesting move from Microsoft.

Let's summarize. Immediately after its release, the new Office made a good impression. Let's see what will happen next.

All edits and changes can be found on the website of the licensed software: Microsoft Office 2013