Brown bears hibernate sick and wake up healthy

Biologists are trying to find an answer to the question of why brown bears hibernate sick and wake up healthy. In the process of searching for a new, most effective, remedy for the treatment of wounds, the Americans decided to turn to the power of nature, or rather, to brown bears. The experiment consisted of the fact that veterinarians made several cuts in the limbs of huge predators that had just fallen asleep. After the bears woke up from hibernation, scientists looked at what became of these incisions. It turned out that the wounds were completely healed and no infectious infections were observed.

Samples of the damaged tissue were taken for analysis and found that the tissues were restored to the upper layer of the skin, in some individuals even the hairline was restored. This surprised scientists because during hibernation, bears do not receive any nutrients, because they do not eat during this period, and their waste products are not excreted.

If biologists understand what mechanisms occur in the bodies of bears that help them to heal wounds, then on this basis it is possible to create a good, and most importantly, effective medicine for people. This would come in handy for the elderly, in whom the regeneration processes proceed noticeably slower than in younger individuals.