Top 10 safest songs for drivers

British scientists from London Metropolitan University conducted an experiment, during which they identified songs that can have a negative impact on the driver's behavior while driving. In addition, they have compiled the top 10 safest tracks.

Top 10 safest music for drivers

1.Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

2. Travie McCoy - Billionaire Feat. Bruno mars

3. Jason Mraz - I’m Yours

4. Coldplay - The Scientist

5. Elton John - Tiny Dancer

6. Justin Timberlake - Cry Me a River

7. Aerosmith - I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

8. Radiohead - Karma Police

9.S Club 7 Never - Had a Dream Come True

10. Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Interestingly, classical music is the most dangerous for drivers: some immortal works have such a calming effect that they simply put the drivers to sleep while driving. Among the compositions dangerous for motorists were Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor, and Strauss's waltz "The Blue Danube".