The main thing in life is to talk more! (Article)

The main thing in life is to talk more! During the experiment, those wishing for four days kept a device that recorded certain information. The researchers received 20, 000 records, about 12.5 minutes from each subject (the track record was only 30 seconds).

Psychologists listened to all the tracks, assessed the intonation, mood, themes of conversations, and as a result of discussions they received the appropriate conclusions: happy volunteers spent 1/4 less time for them, but it was ... The latter also spent 1/3 of the time longer on empty talk.

Scientists theorize that deep social interaction influences beautiful moods and makes people definitely happier. However, the connection of the causal nature of psychologists still has to study.

So communicate with those around you on serious topics and you will be happy more than you expect!

And finally a good old picture :)