10 common car odors

10 common car odors. Since any car has its own aroma: be it expensive leather or inexpensive cigarettes, a new "herringbone" or perfume. Although there are other, purely technical smells. The most famous ones, indicating any problems, are in front of you.

10. If driving a car you have a sore throat every day, and when freezing, the interior fills with the concentration of water in the air and the scent of decay, or rather a slight mustiness, do not lose sight of the condition of the air conditioning system. All these indicators indicate the development of pathogenic microbes inside the air ducts.

There is only one remedy - immediately for cleaning. There are few varieties: either in a service or in a retail network, where there are specialized means for self-cleaning. The principle of action is quite simple - turn on the system and throw a can of cleaning agent near the air duct.

9. Scent from wheels. This is most likely due to overheated pads. Varieties 2: either you are largely "annealing", or there is a sticking of the brake cylinder, because of this, the pad does not recede from the disc. It is easy to find out - when the scent is released, bypass all wheels alternately and find out the temperature of the rims. The discs are almost always quite hot.

ATTENTION! For any option, beware of direct contact with the disc (do not touch it with your hands), the steam room is felt even at a short distance. It is necessary to heal quickly, so as not to pump. Since it's not about jamming, but about overheating from the intensity of braking, just continue moving at a low speed, avoiding sudden, successful braking in order to cool the mechanisms.

8. The aroma of hydrogen sulfide. In common people - "rotten eggs". Find out if you have neglected another breakfast somewhere under the seat a month ago. If not, then we are probably talking about a catalyst. This aroma indicates incomplete combustion of fuel in the catalyst. A prerequisite may be the breakdown of the final one or simply low-quality fuel. Alternatively, it is possible to refuel in a checked place and look at the result. When the scent remains, then go to the professionals.

7. The aroma of burnt rubber. There is no need for skepticism. On a winter road, covered with an even layer of snow, it happens that you do not immediately learn, the wheel itself is punctured. Unusually, since there are no gauges, especially since the wheel is rear. In this situation, at first the wheel lowers, in the following days it heats up, and later begins to smolder. How to proceed, it seems, and so it is clear. Change!

6. Antifreeze aroma. Sweetish "wet" aroma in the cabin or in the front lobe of the car - there is a "leak". Breakage of the freezing hose or loss of density of one of the parts. Sometimes it will be accompanied by overheating of the motor. Troubleshooting of the freezing system is required. Usually, the leak is noticeable immediately, including when the antifreeze evaporates (this is how it visits when it hits the hot components - water leaks are noticeable). You can temporarily top up, later - to heal.

5. As soon as you top up, find out what the system smells like by opening the filler cap of the expansion barrel. If the aroma of exhaust gases is added to the aroma of antifreeze, it is possible not to find a leak. Here is a punched cylinder head gasket. This action will be accompanied by snow-white steam from the exhaust system at useful values ​​of the temperature of the air around it. Prepare cash and time. Repair shines not from light ones.

4. The aroma of burnt oil. Strongly poisonous pungent aroma indicates that the oil itself flows out, probably, somewhere where it is hot - the engine, the components of the freezing system. The leak must be found very soon. It may be a prerequisite for a fire, and then with all the ensuing results ...

3. Fuel. As soon as you smell fuel while driving, make sure you have closed the filler neck properly, do not get your hands dirty, do not smoke with all this. In general, fuel leaks and with all this, the usual work of a car in our time, things are poorly compatible, however, everyone visits. Look for a leak. Nimble. Desirable with the engine off.

2. The scent of burnt electrical wiring. Do not tempt fate, stop, turn off the engine, find the informant, first making sure that he is in your car, but not in the next one. Call the near-minded.

1. The aroma of pyrotechnics. In most cases, this scent indicates that the pyrotechnic belt pretensioners actually worked, and the airbag fired. There are 2 new items: 1st - as it should, actually it all worked; 2nd - difficulties have occurred. Usually, this scent is preceded by the scent of fright. Take the trouble to ignore it with all the relics and do not forget, in fact, in addition to machines, in our world there is a large amount of fascinating things.