Incredible people and their amazing deeds

Incredible people and their amazing actions in this news we will collect stories of unique people who simply amaze with their actions.

1. Loving Khazyain

This dog is 19 years old, it has joint pain - it cannot sleep. Only in warm water does the poor German Shepherd feel better. Therefore, the owner brings her in his arms to the lake and waits for the pain to subside and the dog gets some sleep.

2. John Ross - Train driver of the New York subway

He saved the life of the cat sitting on the rails, having managed to notice the animal in time and slow down. John Ross was leaving early in the morning on his usual route and as his train passed the ground tracks near the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, John suddenly noticed on the rails in front of a cat sitting on his head wearing a bag of chips.

John did not want to run into the animal at all, and the cat did not intend to run away as the train approached, although if it didn’t see it, it definitely heard the sound of a moving train. Then the man in despair pressed the handbrake to failure and the train braked with a grinding noise just a couple of meters from the cat.

Coming out of the cockpit, John Ross told the worried passengers that there was traffic hindrance on the tracks, and he took out his mobile phone, realizing that otherwise no one would believe him when he talked about the reason for the emergency braking. The cat was still sitting between the rails with a bag on its head. Maybe she was trying to get food out of the bag and it got stuck or cruel children made a joke on her. One way or another, John managed to take a photo of her before removing the bag from the animal's head.

According to the driver, the cat was quite alive and healthy and he even stroked it before releasing it from the package. After that, the cat looked around for a second, and then with all its agility dashed off to the side and disappeared from sight.

“You know, I don’t have a cat myself, I only have a little dog at home, ” John said at the end of the interview, talking about his next feat.

When John Ross was shown on TV and told about his act, everyone immediately remembered that this guy had recently been nominated for the Hometown Heroes title of the Transit Award for Heroism in 2009. Then John managed to neutralize a former prisoner who attacked an old man in a subway car with a knife. John Ross chased the fleeing bandit and pinned him to the ground, holding him until the police arrived. Now the offender is in prison, and the old man, whom he attacked, managed to recover from his injuries.

3. The guy saved two children at the cost of his life

Honda flew to the side of the road where the children were standing. 24-year-old Pavel managed to push the boy away and covered the girl with him. He himself subsequently died. A guy was buried in Sevastopol, who at the cost of his own life saved two children. The tragedy took place on the outskirts of the city. The car flew to the side of the road, where people were standing. Children with serious injuries were hospitalized, their savior died in the hospital, TSN reports.

The DVR recorded Honda, which was overtaking at high speed. In a matter of seconds, the camera filmed a pillar of dust on the side of the road and a man running, clutching his head. This was the Honda driver. “In agony, he shouted, called that he would be imprisoned, that he had shot down two. He did not know that he even shot down three, ”said an eyewitness to the accident.

24-year-old Pavel, 8-year-old Diana and her classmate Artem were standing on the sidelines. People were waiting for the minibus. Suddenly, an uncontrolled car flew right at them. “The local“ Schumacher ”lost control at high speed. My son told me that his uncle managed to push him away, ”says Artyom's dad Andrey Kostyukov. “Paul saved them. He crossed the road and managed to throw Artemchik aside, but he simply closed Diana with himself, ”said the girl's mother through tears. The doctors could not save Pavel himself. Until his 25th birthday, he did not live a month.

4. Juse Mojiko is the most generous president

It is still hard to believe that there are such people because it falls into our list of "Incredible People".

5. Sergei Nikolaevich Fokin - Animal rescue as the meaning of life

Former dog handler Sergei Nikolaevich Fokin sold his apartment 12 years ago to create a special shelter for veteran special forces dogs that have served their time.

Unfortunately, then the idea of ​​creating a shelter collapsed. But he did not give up and did not abandon his four-legged friends. To this day, Sergei Nikolaevich cannot pass by any dog ​​that needs human help and tries to give it a chance for life.

The dog handler lives with a hundred four-legged friends, and caring people and neighbors help him in maintaining the kennel, who can do what they can.

6. Larry Deprimo - New York Policeman

In a matter of days, a New York policeman became an Internet “star” simply because he took pity on the homeless person and gave him winter shoes and warm socks. This story was seen by the tourist Jennifer Foster; she filmed the moment of giving the gift to a vagrant and described the incident she saw on the net. The story and the photo later reached the police department and were posted on their Facebook page.

According to the tourist, on November 14, she walked with her husband in Times Square. A barefoot tramp with torn trousers sat near one of the shops and asked passers-by for change. The girl decided to share the coins with the homeless man when she suddenly saw a policeman giving boots and socks to this lonely man, shivering from the cold.

Generous police officer Larry Deprimo went to the nearest Skechers store and bought a pair of size 12 warm boots and two pairs of wool socks for $ 75. Then he returned to the homeless man, and, sitting down, placed a present on his lap. “Let's put them on you, ” Deprimo suggested calmly. He helped the tramp to put on his shoes, after which he got up and walked on, not knowing that he was being filmed.

Skechers store manager Jose Cano said that the tramp was surprised by an unexpected gesture from a law enforcement official. "A smile from ear to ear appeared on his face, as if he had been handed a million dollars, " he added. Kano made a discount to the policeman, dropping the price to $ 75 after finding out who these things were for. He still keeps the purchase receipt in his pocket in memory of this amazing incident.

7. Donor grandfather who saved 200 children