5 types of women men run from

5 types of women that men run from, this interesting selection will understand the main nuances)

1. Woman "whiner"

These representatives of the fair sex complain about life and health all day long. At the same time, they do not care about the feelings of other people. Men are surprised by the fact that a woman complains, but she cannot do something to correct the situation.

2. Weight Loss Woman

Of course, men respect women who look after themselves. But, if she is obsessed with this idea, it starts to annoy the man.

3. A woman expressing her dislike for a man's parents

Even if you are unlucky with your future mother-in-law and father-in-law, you do not need to speak unflattering about them in the presence of your partner. Better shut up, because these are his parents and he is unlikely to be pleased to hear nasty things about them.

4. Workaholic woman

If a woman prefers meetings, business trips (even if forced), etc. to communication with a man, then let him not be surprised when one day she sees him with a different passion. Men don't like being second.

5. Female Counselor

There are women who cannot live without giving advice to someone, even if they are not asked to. They are so addicted to it that they give advice to their men.