Psychologists have interpreted the meanings of the affectionate words of lovers

Psychologists have explained the meanings of the affectionate words of lovers, for girls it will be extremely interesting to know what men really think about them)

Baby is caring, but he is hardly interested in your real feelings.

Hippo - absorbed in you, respects your independence, but does not mind playing.

Baby - he is specific in his desires and does not want to complicate anything.

Dear, dear - in a relationship he values ​​confidence, certainty. Feelings come second.

Durynda - I am ready to forgive you any mistake and take control of the situation.

Hedgehog, hedgehog - gives your relationship special significance. Sometimes he is unrestrained, because he is afraid of losing you.

Toad is energetic and playfully assertive, but values ​​your relationship very much.

My life - pathos betrays a tendency to brute force. Check if he has another "life" on the side.

Hare, hare, hare, hare - prone to excitement and would not mind playing with you. At heart, jealous and closely watching you.

Gold, gold, gold - emphasizes the importance of your relationship, although his mind prevails over feelings.

Kitty, pussy, kitty, kysik - tuned in to close contact and does not want to complicate the situation.

A goat, a goat, a goat - feels complete closeness with you. You

for him a very dear person, although he does not mind teasing you.

Mulya, musya, musipusechka - feelings are very strong. He is inclined to get carried away and often does not know the measure.

Sweetie - be careful: you seem to be considered their property.

A kitten, a cat, a kitten, a kitten - feels closeness and an inextricable bond with you, wants to convince you of his loyalty.

Crocodile - emphatically energetic, not inclined to beat around the bush and hold back emotions for a long time.

Doll, doll - passionate about you, but does not attach too much importance to your relationship.

Paw, lapul, lapusik - very active and ready to work and live for you.

Swallow is very attentive and absolutely confident in you.

A fox, a fox, a fox - all attention is absorbed by you and he expects the same from you.

Beloved, beloved, love - prone to sensual overkill and ready to act decisively and assertively.

Lyalya, lyalik - very emotional, may not control the surge of feelings - both good and bad.

Small, small, masik, masya - feelings are very deep, they are ready to take care of you.

Baby, baby - you absorb all the attention, and they expect the same from you.

The bear cub is a very sensual person, but he is not in a hurry. He is discreet and does not want to lose you.

Sweetheart, sweetheart - promises you a strong relationship. His senses are in balance with the mind.

Mulya, musya, musipusechka - feelings are very strong. He is inclined to get carried away and often does not know the measure.

Mouse, mouse - very attached to you, sometimes unrestrained, but his love is deep.

Pampushka - counts on complete closeness and interaction.

Donut - with all his might wants to attract your attention and protect himself from possible rivals.

Belly, belly, telepuz - set up to create and equip a family hearth.

Bobblehead, baby doll, pushechka, pusya - is looking for full contact with you, but behind this there are not so much feelings as practical interest.

Fish - looks at your relationship in a more businesslike way. In the first place he puts not romance, but practical interest.

Sweet, sweet - deliberately emphasizes their emotionality. But in his soul he is balanced and calm.

Baby elephant, elephant - attaches great importance to your relationship and expects complete reciprocity.

The sun, the sun - feels genuine tenderness and keen interest for you.

Tiger, tiger cub - respects your independence. He is not averse to joking at you, but in fact he offers an equal union.

Hamster - prone to impulsive actions and can easily succumb to momentary impulses.

Chick, chicken - offers you active contact, but, perhaps, deep down, he is afraid of something.