7 reasons why people are not successful (Interesting article)

7 reasons why people are not successful? - this interesting article will answer this question with a rather extensive answer.

1. The most important reason. In fact, not many people want to change their lives.

They are content with the role of a man in the street and do not want to change anything for one simple reason - IN FACT, SOMETHING WILL HAVE TO DO FOR THIS.

They do not seem to mind, and even very FOR. But to move something - thank you. The maximum they are enough for is buying lottery tickets.

2. People are looking for a magic pill, after swallowing it, they will, like in a fairy tale, solve all their problems overnight. It is not for nothing that the best-selling products in TV stores on the couch are those that give results without the user's efforts. For example, special pants for weight loss. You rub yourself with something, put them on, lie down, do nothing and LOW. Beauty!

Or a special device that makes your muscles contract, thereby maintaining their tone. Just super! A fairy tale, and nothing more.

3. People do not act, that is, they do not take the knowledge gained in practice. After reading the book, they close it and start reading the next one. When there is a transition from theory to practice in a book, in most cases it ends with the thought - “All this is somehow complicated. It’s necessary to do something, to strain. Couldn't there be something simpler? " And they go to seek their fortune elsewhere. And when they come across the same information again, they think like this - “I already know that. Let's do something new. "

4. Lack of motivation. From childhood, the child is forced to do what he owes. You have to do well in school to go to college. You have to graduate from college to find an excellent job. You need to find a job to make a career. WHAT FOR ?

It is clear about parents - they want to be proud of their child, so that they take place and confirm their worth. BUT THIS IS THE CHILD WHY IS IT? Nobody talks about this. It is necessary and that's it. And TV and the external environment are not lagging behind, I promote the theme of success.

5. Various patterns, restrictions, stereotypes, complexes lead to fears. A person seems to want and can, but fear paralyzes the will, reduces efficiency, increases the number of mistakes.

6. Low energy. Work, modern lifestyle and other factors make it so that most people just don't want anything. They are so devastated and discharged at the end of the day that they only have enough energy to rest. Where is there to strive for success.

7. People don't know what they want, but they can definitely answer what they don't want. After being processed by upbringing, education, TV, stamped people appear who were drawn a standard scheme of life, but were not taught to understand themselves and their desires.

In fact, the list can be very long. But the salvation of the drowning is the work of the drowning themselves. Life flows forward. And if you want to achieve some of your goals in a few years, you need to stop looking for a magic pill, and start putting the knowledge you have gained into practice.