Why do girls leave boys? (Interesting article)

Why do girls leave boys? - this interesting article will answer this question, or rather, a bunch of questions that are related.

Don't be surprised that a girl dumped you if you:

1. Not able to make a single slightest serious decision. If at the word “responsibility” goosebumps run through your skin, and your knees tremble treacherously, if you shift all key decisions to the girl, then believe me, the denouement is close.

2. Not able to understand what you need. I was always touched and touched by male statements: "She cannot give me what I need." I have only one question: you yourself know WHAT you need. To get what you want, you need to at least know what it is. And express it in some way.

3. You don't pay attention to her. And then you wonder where the roses are on the table, and who is calling her all the time. Girls need attention. And if they do not receive this very attention from the boyfriend, then they begin to look for him on the side: flirt with colleagues, meet on the streets ... In a word, the competition is increasing. And this is a direct consequence of eternal employment.

4. In the eternal search for the ideal. “She must be a petite blonde, with green eyes, by all means…” And further in the text. The most interesting thing is that they often meet such girls, but only she can be smarter than you wanted, or more relaxed than expected. And then pilezh begins ... "I thought you were like that, but you turned out to be ..." Ideals do not exist and their search is just an attempt to disguise the fear of relationships in principle. After all, since she did not fit, then you can immediately leave. And no intimacy and responsibility for you. By the way, about intimacy.

5. You don't know how to open up. When you are for a long time next to a person who does not even let you on the doorstep of his soul, then parting is just a matter of time. Of course, the rocks are close by ... But we are people.

6. You think that only a woman should build a relationship. Yes, women are more flexible and thinner, and they work more on relationships. But this requires TWO. Mutual understanding does not fall from the sky; you need to invest at least a little in a relationship.

7. You expect unpredictability, in principle, without realizing what it is. Like, a girl should be absolutely unpredictable, provide a continuous drive in a relationship, in general, not completely belong, but in an extreme version. And when you are satisfied with this very drive, you fall into a stopper and accuse your friend of being bitchy and hysterical. As they say, dream more carefully, dreams tend to come true.

8. You do not satisfy me in bed. Maybe you thought sex was of the utmost importance only for guys? Believe me, girls want a full-fledged relationship in bed no less.

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