The luckiest man on earth (Interesting article)

The luckiest man on earth - an interesting article which tells which incredibly lucky in his life he almost died 7 times, and then won a million in the lottery.

Fran Selak, a Croatian music teacher, began his streak of failures in 1962. The train in which he was traveling derailed, overturned several times and fell into the water. 17 people were killed. Selak managed to swim to the shore with a broken arm.

A year later, he flew by plane. Somewhere high above the ground, a depressurization occurred and the side door to the salon came off. Selak was sucked overboard ... When he woke up in the hospital, he was told that the plane had crashed and he was found in a haystack.

In 1966 he had a bus accident. 4 people were killed. Selak escaped with minor injuries.

In 1970, his car caught fire during a trip. He climbed outside to put out the fire, but the car exploded.

In 1973, there was another car accident. This time, due to a malfunction in the fuel system, the fire occurred already inside the cabin. As a result, Selak burned out most of the hair on his head.

In 1995 he was hit by a bus. Fran got off lightly - shock and minor bruises.

1996… while driving a car on a mountain road, Selak saw a truck driving directly towards him. He had to dodge towards the cliff and jump out of the car on the move so as not to fall into the gorge.

In 2003, Selak bought a lottery ticket for the first time in 40 years at the age of 74. He ended up winning $ 1 million.