How does a digital SLR camera work?

How does a digital SLR camera work? - this interesting article will give you an answer to this question.

Most camera users are only familiar with compact digital cameras, as these models have flooded the market well.

There are those who value quality and high-quality pictures and therefore resort more to digital SLR cameras, which are often used by professionals, due to their speed of removal, which is very important in dynamic situations.

Next, we will try to explain to you how this device works.

To correctly answer the question "what is a digital SLR camera?" we need to describe a little how the mechanics of an SLR camera work.

So ​​let's start with the scheme of the DSLR camera:

1. The light passes through the lens, diaphragm, lens and hits the mirror;

2. The mirror, in turn, reflects the light up to the focusing screen;

3. After that, the light passes through the focusing screen and enters a block of glass called pentaprism;

4. Pentaprism reflects the image, so you can see the object in the viewfinder;

5.When you take a photo, the mirror and shutter rises, which gives access to the digital sensor;

This is how if SLR cameras work in Kration or as they are also called "DSLRs"