The butterfly effect and what it means (Interesting article)

The butterfly effect and what it means is an interesting article for those who have heard this expression more than once but do not really know what the meaning is.

The butterfly effect is a term that metaphorically reflects the possibility of serious consequences for minor and unpredictable events. It is related to complex interactive nonlinear systems (including the psyche, behavior and social interactions).

Science today says that we are integrally woven into the complex organism of nature, and even our small impact in a certain direction can lead to colossal consequences.

The adherents of this theory postulate that any, even the smallest event, any decision and any phrase will change (dramatically or insignificantly) the course of our entire future life. Or maybe even the fate of humanity.

The expression appeared after the publication of the fantasy story of the same name by Ray Bradbury. The plot allegorically tells the story of a butterfly in Beijing, the flapping of its wings gave rise to a hurricane in America.

The “butterfly effect” is, in fact, how a phenomenon changes if one link is suddenly excluded from its evolution.