Beer facts

1. The strongest beer - Famos Falling over Water. This beer is produced in the city of Bristol, in the UK. The beer contained 17.3% alcohol by volume.

2. The weakest beer was produced in Germany in 1918 by the Sunner company. The alcohol content in it was 0.1%. This is 5 times less than in regular non-alcoholic beer. And in density it was almost like water.

3. The largest exporter of beer in the world is the company "Arthur Guinness and Sons", founded in 1759.

4. According to scientists, drinking 1 glass of beer a day is even beneficial, as it slows down the aging process and reduces the risk of cancer. But how true this is - not for me to judge.

5. Beer is useful in the bath and sauna, but not as a drink. It must be poured over hot stones. And the resulting beer steam is very beneficial for the skin and the body as a whole.

6. The Heineken company takes the 1st place in terms of the volume of beer produced. She also has her own TV channel.

7. In Bavaria, it is customary to drink beer-liter mugs, not half-liter mugs.

8.The ancient Egyptians are considered the discoverers and inventors of beer.

9. The most popular beers in the USA are Budweiser and Miller.

10. Every third brewery in the world is located in Bavaria.

11 The first president of the United States, George Washington, had his own pub.

12. Beer has a lower calorie content than Coca-Cola and various fruit drinks with added sugar.

13. A glass of beer drunk on an empty stomach dries up the stomach, freeing it of excess mucus, which is useful for most types of gastritis.

14. In the Polish city of Gdansk, there is a "beer bell". With his "permission" it was allowed to open earlier beer meetings in the city.

15. The largest brewery is the Adolph Course Company in Golden, Colorado, USA. The brewery produces 2.5 billion liters of beer per year.

16. Instead of tanning cream, you can rub with beer and then you will have a great tan.

17. The oldest beer company is Weihenstephan in Freising near Munich, founded in 1040.

18.According to statistics, every average Austrian drinks 31 liters of juices, 70 liters of soft drinks and 116 liters of BEER per year.

19 New Zealander Jack Manakau wanted to set a record for drinking beer. He managed to drink 77 cups, after which he died.

20. Beer freezes at -2 degrees.