TOP 15 facts from the Guinness Book of Records

The Guinness Book of Records is the most stolen, this record is also listed in the book.

The gecko is a lizard that is best camouflaged in nature. She has no equal, she is the most peculiar in her class.

The largest fish was caught in Russia in 1921, in Kazan.

The oldest oak tree is more than three hundred and fifty years old.

McDonald's is the most widespread food chain in the world.

Rice is the most widespread food product not only in China, but all over the world.

The most expensive tea in the world is Dahunpao. A packet of this drink costs more than twenty-five thousand dollars.

Due to the intense heat in Dubai, about one hundred and fifty bus stops have been built, which are equipped with air conditioning.

An interesting fact - buckwheat can cleanse the stomach of gum.

Strawberry cake is the largest cake in the world.

The fastest plant is bamboo. It grows up to three meters per day.

When McDonald's was first opened in Russia, a whole multi-thousand-strong rally came out against it.

Avocado is the most filling fruit in terms of protein ratio.

Red is the most used and widespread color in the images of national emblems and flags.

The ocean washes the black shores of Iceland. There are only a few such beaches in the world.