Interesting facts about Tallinn

The entire central area of ​​Tallinn (the so-called Old Town) is actually one huge open-air museum. An incredible number of ancient buildings are concentrated here, which are far from one hundred years old.

Parks occupy about a third of the entire area of ​​the Estonian capital. The most famous of them is the Kadriorg Park, founded by Peter the Great in those distant times when the Estonian lands were part of the Russian Empire (see interesting facts about Estonia).

Tallinn was very popular with Soviet filmmakers due to its "European" appearance, which immediately distinguished it from the mass of most Soviet cities.

The Estonians themselves write the name of the city with two "l" and two "n" - "Tallinn".

Founded about eight hundred years ago, the city has managed to change several names over the past centuries. Until 1917 it was called Revel, although the name Tallinn dates back to the 16th century.

It is here that the tallest building in Estonia is located - a TV tower with a height of 314 meters. In clear weather, you can see the coast of Finland from its observation deck (see interesting facts about Finland).

Tallinn is home to one third of the entire Estonian population.

Tallinn has long been included in the top ten most developed cities in terms of high technology.

The overwhelming majority of Tallinn residents speak not only Estonian, but also English. Many also speak Finnish, Russian or German.

The meaning of the name of the Estonian capital has not yet been precisely determined. The prevailing version is that it means "Winter City", which, in general, corresponds to the truth - the climate here is quite cool, and the summer is short.