An interesting fact about the bicentennial long-liver.

It is impossible to believe that a person lived for at least 150 years, let alone 197 years. According to the 1933 New York Times, a 197-year-old man died. His name was Ching-Yun. During his life, he was able to bury 23 wives and acquire 180 descendants by the time of his death. Ching-Yun argued that the secret to his longevity is that he is quiet like a turtle, sleeps like a dog, agile like a dove and keeps his heart calm. The long-liver's diet mainly consisted of rice and wine.

Not much is known about Li Chang's life. He was born and lived his entire life in the Sichuan region of China, where, according to eyewitness accounts, he continued to sell herbs for almost 100 years. Li himself admitted that he was born in 1736. The officially documented age of the centenarian was more than one hundred and thirty years old, and even so, outwardly, he looked sixty. Either this person had superhuman abilities or the age of Ching-Yun was simply exaggerated by the reporters, I am afraid now this will not be known for years.