Gaetale is the saltiest lake in the world

The lake with the saltiest water in the world was formed in 2005 by an earthquake ...

The salinity of the world's oceans averages 35 ‰ (ppm), varying depending on the composition of the water in a particular area of ​​the sea.

The most famous saline body of water on Earth is the Dead Sea with salinity in some places reaching up to 350 ‰. Due to the presence of salt, the density of the water there is so high that anyone can safely lie on the water and not submerge. But on the surface of our planet are scattered smaller and less-known bodies of water, characterized by an extremely high salt content and a small size.

One of these reservoirs is Lake Gaetale, located in the Danakil depression in northern Ethiopia. In 2005, an earthquake discovered a thermal source here, which, rising upward, passes through the layers of soil saturated with salts. As a result, the resulting lake with a radius of 60 meters is the saltiest body of water in the world with the saltiest water in the world of natural origin. The salinity of Gaetale water is 433 ‰, which is equivalent to finding 764 grams of salt in every liter of water. But you will not be able to lie down in the lake and enjoy your own unsinkability: due to the thermal spring located below, the temperature of the liquid is about 60 ° C. Interestingly, the water in the lake has a yellowish tint due to its high iron content.

Gaetale is currently the saltiest lake in the world, ahead of Don Juan Lake, located in Victoria Land in Antarctica with a salinity of 402 ‰.