50 facts about men

50 facts about men that will help you get to know the psychology of guys a little better.

A man will cook himself only as a last resort.

More than half of bachelors under 27 live with their parents.

If you buy your boyfriend a video camera, remember to close the bathroom door. Otherwise, all this may end in a scream of surprise, splashes and a damaged camera.

Most guys think it's best to get married at 25-30, but over 50% get married earlier.

Guys are more focused than girls (hobby, an important report can take all of their attention).

More than 50% of men declare their preferences for female beauty (hair color, figure), although in fact they may like girls of all types ...

Lonely guys are the ones who buy the most in online stores.

More than 66% of bachelors dream of finding their one and only.

Athletic guys are more likely to have frivolous short-term relationships than guys with a non-prominent figure.

Most men have 4 to 6 girls before a long-term, serious relationship (not 50-100, as friends may brag about).

When guys hold their thumbs on the belt of their pants, it means that they subconsciously want to attract the attention of girls.

Never allow yourself to teach a guy in public. This can be done in private. In public, they KNOW what to do.

Balding men most often wear baseball caps.

If the guy liked the girl, then he will definitely call within a couple of days.

More than 62% of men will be happy if a girl takes the initiative during dating.

If the guy offers a drink, then it is likely that he is waiting for the continuation ...

All men do not like the phrase "We need to talk", no matter what will be discussed below.

Men are also sensitive in their own way. If a man kindled a fire, and the last log did not ignite, he will take it as his own fault.

The guys are brave enough to go to war, but hardly capable of going to the depilation procedure.

All guys think they're good.

For most guys, a pretty face can be more important than a toned figure.

Most guys call more often than send SMS or letters.

Men love respectable things (just like women) such as fancy phones, expensive jackets, and ties.

Guys are much less serious about their clothing choices than girls.

Most men hate shopping.

If a man has prepared dinner for you, then he has serious intentions.

Many guys don't mind finding an older girl.

More than 30% of guys do not remove the phone of their ex from their mobile phone ...

A quarter of guys are better off lying if the truth can hurt.

When four men get together, they talk about sports.

When four or more girls get together, they talk about men.

After a divorce, guys re-tie their lives by marriage much faster than women.

Men are less sentimental than women.

More than 33% of single men believe that love at first sight exists.

If a man promised to call a girl and did not call, this does not mean at all that he lost his phone number or forgot, he simply did not want to.

Guys hate losing.

Guys love it when a girl has her own opinion.

The younger the guy, the more impulsive his actions are.

Men take compliments more happily than women. Perhaps because they are less often told.

Men do not tend to talk about their sex life with their friends.

Most guys tidy up their bed before their first date.;)

Sexy lingerie on a pretty girl turns guys on more than just a naked beauty ..

More than a third of men have deceived their soul mate at least once.

Men are often self-confident because they grew up identifying with superheroes. Women are often complex because they grew up with Barbies.

Guys prefer to take a phone number, but not leave theirs.

The ratio of free guys to girls is 12 to 10, i.e. it is easier for girls to find their love.

Men, unlike women, forget everything - both good and bad.

Singles are more likely to wear clothes or tattoos that help them express themselves.

For lonely guys, it's more important what friends think than for non-lonely guys.

Many bachelors wear socks for 2 or more days in a row ...