Interesting facts about Ibiza

The inhabitants of Carthage called the island Ibossim, the ancient Romans called it Ebusus, and the Arabs called it Yebisah. All this suggests that this is the island of Bes, that is, the ancient Egyptian god of eroticism and entertainment.

• The tallest building on the island is Castel Castle.

• Ibiza, like San Francisco and Morocco, is the center of hippie communes.

• In August, every new moon is celebrated on the Day of the Drums. On this day, several dozen drummers converge on the seashore and play until dawn.

• In the west of Ibiza there is a Rock in the Sea - Es Vedra, from which Odysseus listened to the singing of the sirens. The sun shines for 300 days a year and 10 hours a day on the island.

• This island was discovered by sailors from Carthage in 654 BC, they founded the first settlement here, which later became the main city of the region.

• The capital city of the island is called Ibiza, but sometimes it is called Vila. The warm sea, bright sun and beautiful nature set you up for relaxation and entertainment.

• Correct pronunciation of the name of the island - Ibiza.

• The most famous DJ in Ibiza was Frankie Wilde, who lost his hearing due to the costs of the profession.

• One of the important points of the program of national importance of the local authorities, as well as the businessmen of the island, is the development of the club subculture and the promotion of Ibiza as the capital of modern electronic music.

• The Guinness Book of Records claims that the largest club in the world is Privilege, located in Ibiza. It is able to accommodate 11 thousand people, since the size of the club is commensurate with a football field. There is also a swimming pool.

• The cost of a bottle of beer in Ibiza clubs exceeds 6 euros.

• For 50 years in the summer, Ibiza has hosted a variety of exhibitions and cultural events of Dutch artists and writers.

• Throughout its history, Ibiza has been attacked by pirate ships more than once, as it served as an important trading center.

• This Spanish island is 40 km long and 20 km wide and is the third largest in the Balearic archipelago. Ibiza on the world map is located 200 km from the African continent and 90 km from mainland Spain.