Why the inscription "The match will take place in any weather" disappeared from football posters

Experienced football fans will certainly remember the legendary phrase: "The match will take place in any weather." For a long time, our national football could be called "all-weather" - no natural whims could interfere with the match. But in 1951, this catchy inscription suddenly disappeared from the posters. What happened?

And all because on 13 (thirteenth!) July 1951, the USSR championship match between the teams Dynamo Leningrad and Krylia Sovetov Kuibyshev was interrupted. And it was the weather that was to blame. However, before the start of the game, no one could even imagine that this match would go down in the history of football. The weather was quite favorable, and the players already in the first half delighted the audience with three goals scored. The Krylia footballers scored twice, the Leningraders responded with one goal. But everything changed right after the start of the second half. Already in the 50th minute of the meeting, such a heavy downpour fell on Leningrad that the football lawn became suitable only for a water polo match. The referee V. Morgunov, who served this meeting, made an unprecedented decision: he stopped the match and sent the players to the locker rooms. Two months later, on September 18, the footballers from Kuibyshev had to make another trip to Leningrad. This time the weather was more favorable to the athletes, the match was held as usual and ended in a draw - 2: 2.

In the future, the organizers of the matches decided not to risk it, and no longer assured the fans that the game would take place in any weather. However, the weather suited the football players much more severe tests than the interrupted match in Leningrad. Game for the Scottish Cup of the 1978/79 season. between the teams "Inverness Thistle" and "Falkirk" transferred as much as ... 29 times. And natural whims were also to blame. When the match finally took place, Falkirk simply defeated their opponents 4: 0. This meeting was even recorded in the famous Guinness Book of Records due to the unprecedented number of transfers. However, Scottish footballers are used to bad weather. For example, a couple of years ago the Scottish Championship match between Hearts and Rangers was canceled due to heavy snow. In a matter of minutes, the field was covered with such a layer of snow that it was simply impossible to play. FacebookTwitterMy worldVkontakte