The most unusual perfumes

Throughout the ages, perfumers have worked to create captivating aromas that arouse passion and attract the attention of the opposite soul and everyone around them. As you know, modern perfumery originated in England during the Middle Ages.

At the moment, in the constant pursuit of profit, manufacturers create thousands of completely unremarkable ordinary fragrances that cannot be distinguished from each other, however, among them you can also find unique specimens, unique bouquets, the fragrance of which makes you think about the sanity of the creator.

Perfume manufacturer Demeter's Fragrance Library offers the widest range of products with the most unexpected, most incredible aromas, including cologne that smells of mildew, shower gel that will let you smell of seaweed and many other such delights.

Their main and most popular development is Cemetery Eau de Toilette (originally from Funeral Home), which combines a rich and bright bouquet of aromas of flowers that grow on graves (carnations, gladioli, lilies, chrysanthemums) in combination with subtle notes of rotten foliage, which give this perfume a completely extraordinary aroma that can remind you of all deceased relatives, the cemetery and other horrors associated with death.

Smell: What else can a cemetery scent be like if not itself, just remember the cemetery scent.