5 things that happen if you stop washing your hair every day

Almost half of the girls admit that they wash their hair every day. And half of them can't take a break even on weekends. We agree that since dry shampoos appeared on the shelves of cosmetic stores (and then in our cosmetic bags), it has become much easier to live in this world. But still - how safe is it to wash your hair every day?

“Washing your hair every day is not a good idea, ” says Prevention Elle Kinney, a hair stylist based in New York. “Resting your scalp is important to maintain a healthy balance.” The fact is that natural oils, which we regularly wash off with shampoos, are necessary for the beauty and health of hair. And it is they who are able to make the curls smooth and shiny without the use of miraculous means.

If you feel that you are not yet ready to take a decisive step, then perhaps our text will convince you. It contains five things at once that will happen to your hair as soon as you stop washing your hair every day.

Hair will become moisturized ...

We have already said that sebum, also known as sebum, forms on the scalp, as well as on the face. Sebum contains fatty acids and esters, which are considered the best natural moisturizers. But daily washing of the head disrupts sebum regulation, so the likelihood that your hair will be dry and brittle increases several times.

... and more brilliant

And again about natural oils. Of course, the curls will become more shiny when there are enough oils on the head, and you yourself, without noticing it, will distribute them along the entire length of the hair during the combing process. Experts say that a natural bristle comb works best for this procedure, but the effect will be noticeable anyway, whichever tool you choose.

Curls will gain firmness

Curly hair tends to dry out, which is why the curls often stick out in different directions, rather than lie as you would like. Of course, you can achieve the desired effect with styling products for curly hair or

wash-off conditioners. But isn't it better to do it on your own? Massage your scalp with your fingers twice a day - morning and evening - and you won't recognize your curls. After a week of less frequent washing, they will become unusually elastic.

Hair color will become brighter

The color of dyed hair is similar to the color of bright clothes: the more often you “wash”, the paler it eventually becomes. And, accordingly, vice versa. That is why, if you cannot refuse daily shampooing for one reason or another, but you are the happy owner of a fiery one - one of the options is a hair shade, choose shampoos with the most gentle formulas, without aggressive components in the composition.

However, even in this case, it will not be possible to preserve the color for a long time. Simply because the water is the main culprit here, not the accompanying agent. In addition, try washing your hair with cool water if you want to preserve the brightness of the shade, as hot water opens the hair cuticles, and therefore the color is washed out faster.

Hair will begin to grow faster

Perhaps your mom or grandmother told you as a child that the less you touch your hair, the faster it grows. So, they were absolutely right. The less often you wash your hair, blow-dry and style your hair, the healthier and stronger (= longer) it will appear. Moreover, you will see positive changes after 7-10 days, which will create additional motivation to refuse frequent shampooing.

So that the operation to protect hair from mechanical damage is not too difficult, purchase a silicone hair elastic such as Invisibobble. And on the second day, as soon as your hair seems dirty and heavy, take it into a careless bun or ponytail - whatever you like best.