Interesting facts about Australia

Today we will tell you about interesting facts about Australia: facts from history, geography, culture of the Australian Union - this is the full name of the state.

And so, let's get down to them:

There is a common misconception that the capital of Australia is Sydney, but this is not the case. In fact, this is Canberra, and all because the protracted dispute between Sydney and Melbourne over who should be the capital has not been resolved. The resourceful Australians made a truly Solomon decision: to build a new city and make it the capital. Having built a city on the site of the Canberry settlement, and, apparently wishing to avoid new disputes over the name of the capital, it was decided not to change the name.

As you know, the British crown used this southern colony as a place of exile for convicts. According to sociological research in 2007, 22 percent of the Australian population were descendants of those very convicts. The first police detachment of the new state consisted of twelve exiles with good characteristics.

The political structure of the Australian Union is largely decentralized, in particular, the issuance of driving licenses is carried out by the authorities of individual states, moreover, there are some differences even in the rules of the road. Public holidays are also established by the states of the Union independently, unification was carried out exclusively for holidays that are days off, in order to avoid difficulties with labor legislation.

And here is another interesting fact about Australia: on the goods produced in the country, the inscription "made in Australia" is supplemented with two words - "with pride." Not every manufacturer will risk the image and business reputation of their state by establishing that they are producing their goods with this high feeling. The right to use this mark is awarded by a specially organized council with the obligatory involvement of experts.

For reasons of environmental safety, the import of any products, plants, fur and leather products, as well as the soil on the soles of shoes is prohibited on the territory of the Commonwealth of Australia. Well what can I say - wash your shoes before flying to Australia!

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