The smartest dog in the world knows over 1000 words

British scientists have taught the border collie dog to recognize more than one thousand different objects by the names. A six-year-old dog named Chaser can find in a pile of soft toys exactly the one that a person asks for. And also the dog is able to find at least 18 out of 20 familiar by voice among hundreds of objects at one time.

To achieve these results, Chaser was trained daily for four to five hours for three years. According to one of the professors who conducted the experiment, he wanted to understand if the dog has a limit on the number of words that it can understand. The aim of the study was also whether dogs can recognize the names of objects, and not just commands associated with the object. “Of course, we are not claiming that dogs can learn human language as children do, but the experiment shows that dogs can learn many times more words than is commonly believed, ” said Professor Alliston Reid.

In total, after training in recognizing objects by voice, Chaser successfully completed 838 tests for finding objects. The dog was also trained in various manipulations with objects, for example, how to move an object with its paw, push with its nose and bring it. During training, the dog memorized the names of 1, 022 toys.

Note that in 2004 the record holder for memorizing objects by voice was a dog named Rico from Germany. He knew 200 words by the age of nine.