A Microsoft intern invented Klondike in 1988 out of boredom and didn't get a dime out of the game.

Wes Cherry - this man is the "father" of one of the iconic Windows games - created games in 1988. At that time, he was a simple intern at Microsoft. The internship program was very busy and took up almost all of his time, but he managed to free up several hours to create the game.


“I came up with the idea of ​​inventing the Klondike Solitaire for Windows out of boredom. At the time, there weren't many games at all, so we had to do that, ”says Cherry.

When computers began to pop up in homes, Microsoft officially announced that Klondike was designed to teach people how to use a mouse and help them adapt to the operating system's graphical user interface. “But in fact it turned out to be a way to have fun, ” said the author of the solitaire game.

According to him, shortly before the release of Windows 3.0 in 1990, Microsoft founder Bill Gates complained about solitaire. He didn’t like that it was extremely difficult to win in Klondike.

Initially, the game had a Boss Key that instantly launched Word, Excel, or another work program on the screen. Its purpose is to protect office workers playing during working hours from unexpected visits from their superiors. But Microsoft insisted on the removal of this feature and the developer had no choice but to fulfill the will of senior management.

The curious thing is that for more than 25 years of the availability of the game on the market, the creator has not received a cent from it.

“If I received even a penny for each copy, I would be fabulously rich. But so far only 14 people have earned extra money at Kosynka, ”he said. Who these 14 people are, we can only guess.

Now the author of the solitaire does not work in IT companies, but is engaged in the production of cider.

Klondike Solitaire has been a standard part of Microsoft Windows since version 3.0. It was not only in Windows 8, but then, due to numerous requests from users, it was returned to Windows 10. However, in an updated form - the game became shareware.