13 interesting and surprising facts about sex and its consequences

This interesting article presents 13 interesting surprising facts about sex and its consequences.

Sex Fact 1 The Moroccan ruler, who came to the throne in the first half of the 18th century, was in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific father in history. According to records, he gave birth to at least 342 girls and 525 boys, and by 1721 the number of his male heirs had already increased to 700.

Fact about sex 2 In matters of procreation, women, of course, find it difficult to catch up at least a little with the stronger sex, but even here there are amazing records. In the same 18th century, one of our compatriots gave birth to 69 children (!) As a result of 27 pregnancies. The brave woman gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, carried triplets seven times, and four babies were born at once four times. And after all, there were no IVF and pills then! This is how to raise the demography in the country.

Sex Fact 3 Unfortunately, modern men are nowhere near as prolific as Moroccan sheikhs. According to medical data, 5% of 40-year-old men suffer from erictile dysfunction, and after 65 their proportion rises to 15-25%.

This ailment is also striking in young people: as shown by a recent study of American urologists, about a quarter of men from 18 to 25 years old have ever encountered problems with erection.

Fact about sex 4 Psychologists say that a common cause of bad sexual experience is the wrong attitude and complexes. So, for those who are also not sure of their masculine strengths and "merits" there is good news: the size, contrary to rumors, does not matter. Firstly, according to a poll conducted in America, men themselves attach much more importance to measurements in centimeters - most women do not care at all. And secondly, the average (that is, normal!) Penis size in an erect state is from 12 to 14 centimeters. So the "stunning" external data of porn actors is not at all a reason to get upset and complex.

Fact about sex 5 Sexual complexes, unfortunately, are familiar not only to men. As British sociologists have found out, almost half of modern women are so insecure that they prefer to have sex ... only while intoxicated! And 6% of the respondents generally admitted that they have never had sexual intercourse on a sober head. The main reasons for "intimate alcoholism" are the desire to gain courage and "adherence to the traditions of a romantic setting." However, some ladies, apparently, are simply sickened by physical intimacy with men, scientists concluded. 14% of the fairer sex cannot even fall asleep next to a partner if they do not drink wine for the next sleep.

Fact about sex 6 No less sad statistics were provided by researchers of the American company - manufacturer of hygiene products for women. It turns out that a little more than 10% of women regularly have sex ... against their will. And this is not about violence, but about traditional marital duties! Every 9th of the surveyed women said that sex is generally almost worse than washing or cleaning, and a similar number of respondents called sex an “annoying hindrance”.

Fact about Sex 7 Given the above attitude of married women towards sex, it should come as no surprise that one in 10 married couples prefer to sleep in separate beds. At least that's what the National Sleep Research Foundation in England says.

Sex Fact 8 Self-doubt and possible disappointment do not prevent the fair sex from parting with innocence on average at 17 and a half years. This data was shown by a study by the Kinsey Institute in California (USA). For men, the approximate age of sexual intercourse is slightly less than 17.

Sex Fact 9 Contrary to popular belief, not all men always reach orgasm during sex. According to the UK's National Health and Social Survey, only 75% of the stronger sex has consistent success. Among women, this figure is even lower: only 29% of British women said they enjoy every time they have sex.

Sex Fact 10 The concept of “friendly sex” seems to be becoming the norm among young people today. In a survey at Wayne State University in the United States, two-thirds of the students said they had an intimate relationship without any commitment, just "like a friend."

Sex Fact 11 Another indicator by which men have slightly overtaken women is the average number of sexual partners. The stronger sex, according to the US Center for National Health Statistics, usually manages to "get to know better" 7 women during their life, but the number of intimate "affairs" for women is 6.

Sex Fact 12 However, in some ways modern women are becoming more and more courageous, at least in matters concerning their offspring. So, if at the beginning of the 60s about 44% of working women did not take long leave during pregnancy, then in the 2000s the share of such brave mothers increased to 66%.

Sex Fact 13 Advances in medical science and technology have not greatly helped mankind with safer sex. According to statistics, every second woman in the world will in one way or another become infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV), and in 10% of cases this will result in the development of the disease. One form of the virus (the least dangerous) causes relatively harmless skin warts, but another can lead to the development of cervical cancer, from which about 6 thousand women die every year in Russia. The infection is transmitted sexually and for men, by the way, it cannot have any oncological consequences.