Do we know everything about dolphins: interesting facts

For many decades, scientists have been studying dolphins. In their opinion, these mammals are distinguished by high intelligence. It is difficult to disagree with this statement: judging by the performances in the dolphinarium. For centuries, all peoples have told stories that prove the intelligence, delicacy, kindness and responsiveness of these amazing animals. But are dolphins really so cute? Or has humanity come up with a positive image of them? Let's figure it out.

In fact, one of the species of these marine mammals, the bottlenose dolphin, is being studied. The first works on the results of the research were published in 1984. They talked about the ability of a female, named Akekamai, to perceive and memorize sounds made by a computer. When she was shown the relationship between sounds and musical instruments, the female quickly understood and memorized this logical chain. She could even play them when scientists asked for or showed the instrument. In fact, the researchers say, the bottlenose dolphin learned a foreign language. In the dolphin tribe, in fact, in nature, everyone makes sounds, and each of the representatives has its own sound that distinguishes only him. To confirm this thesis, scientists removed one individual from the dolphin community. After the lapse of time, they invited the animals to listen to the sounds they made, and all the members of the pack began to look for their lost brother. Seeing that the source was a device and not a living being, they lost any interest in it. Possessing excellent memory, mammals remember and recognize each other decades later.

This ability was confirmed by studies conducted in 2013. Dolphins can identify their appearance: in a mirror lowered under the water they look at themselves in surprise, not trying to establish contact and not being afraid of the reflection.

In some ways, these beautiful animals of the world are close to man. But we know very well that people can be good and bad. Dolphins seem to have a light and dark side to life. Negative behavioral traits appear especially clearly during mating.

Scientist Richard Connor, representing the CEO of The Dolphin Research Alliance, witnessed a "mating pursuit" of a female by a group of males. Answers "no" on her part were categorically not accepted, the harassment was so zealous and cruel that it looked like a gang rape lasting several hours. As it turned out in the course of further observations, such behavior of males during the mating season is more the rule than the exception. They gather in small groups - this way it is easier for them to force the female to interact. Such violent scenes confused the scientific community, which has always considered dolphins to be the cutest creatures. The following messages and studies continued to unravel the long-held myth. In the late 90s, three dozen very young dolphins of a new species threw themselves onto the beaches of Virginia. The motives behind their action were revealed after the autopsy of the bodies: the dead animals were beaten. They had broken ribs, punctured lungs, damaged internal organs. The reason for the abuse of young animals is the desire of adult males to provoke estrus in the female. A mating reaction can be triggered only by killing a newborn dolphin. To protect the unborn baby, females mate with representatives of different flocks - the father will not attack his offspring when they meet.