The most unusual coffins from around the world

Seeing off the dead on their last journey is not the best day in life. However, some people perceive their death differently than others, instructing them to be placed in coffins after death with humor. Funny and creative - this is how you can describe the selection of unique coffins that we have collected in our review.

For beer lovers

"Until death do us part" ... The limited order came from an American who had lived his whole life with a cup of beer in his hands. A bottle-shaped coffin - laconic and tasteful.

Music lovers forever

The world is rich in people who love digital vinyl records with all their nature. Logically, they go to heaven in a special coffin, which is exactly made, like this device.

Gamers are thrilled

Fans of computers and computer games will certainly want such a coffin so that they will never part with it in the afterlife. A keyboard, a monitor, and a mouse appeared in one special coffin. Probably, it is after death that such a headset will come in handy ...

Coffin with delivery ordered over the Internet

Now the coffin can be ordered online, in detail. Usually, such online stores offer a wide assortment for different requests. Here you can find expensive coffins for wealthy clients and cheap coffins for the budget conscious. The order can be delivered to the desired address and, if necessary, issue and complete.

The coffin along with bad habits

The purpose of the coffins may be not only for their intended purpose. Enthusiasts bury their own bad habits (for example, tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol) in thunder. Have you decided to change your life right away? Correctly!

A coffin for connoisseurs of the legendary Nokia

The ancient models of Nokia phones are still used by many owners, because they differ from the rest in their simplicity and reliability. Especially for such users, a coffin was built, copying a Nokia mobile phone of a 16-year-old design.

Pack of anti-tobacco cigarettes

To truly quit smoking, the smoker must have strong willpower. Those who did not succeed in doing this during their lifetime can try to quit smoking in the afterlife - in a special coffin in the form of a cigarette pack.

Coffin for Nikon Camera Lovers

Eternal rivals in the face of Canon and Nikon have taken the next step, which will help to find out who is cooler in heaven. A stylized coffin of a precious apparatus - where else can you see that?

Car coffin

For those people who cannot imagine their existence without cars, a coffin-car was invented. The choice, in truth, of real racers!

Eternal bar

Alcohol is not just water, so if you overuse it, don't expect to feel good. This cafe is made in the style of a coffin, but only live people gather there. Its name is Eternity. "