10 unusual deep sea creatures

Almost the entire surface of the Earth has been studied by man. But the depths of the sea keep mysteries that are revealed gradually. With the advent of opportunities to dive deeper and deeper into the abyss, we find unusual deep-sea creatures there. We would like to introduce some of them to you.

Not all of them are beautiful in appearance, but they cannot be denied originality.

1. Jellyfish of the Atoll is a rather predatory creature that lives at a depth where the sun's rays do not penetrate, not to mention divers. Its feature is the ability to glow with a bright red color. This happens when the jellyfish senses an imminent danger.

2. The blue angel is a very small creature that easily fits in the palm of a person. It has an amazing shape and color: it looks like a soaring angel, or a miniature dragon, blue from above and silver from below. Such camouflage helps him to protect himself from predators, both in the water and in the air. An angel can easily float to the sea surface by swallowing an air bubble.

3. Another sea creature is the Harp Sponge. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a harp that clings to sea mud and catches small prey with its sticky upper tips.

4. Funny octopus Dumbo got its name from the resemblance to the elephant from the Disney cartoon, although it is much smaller in size than the terrestrial mammal. When the octopus swims, it flaps its fins, exactly like elephant ears. There is very little information about it, since its habitat is very deep.

5. The furry crab Yeti lives in the cold depths of the sea. Its pincers are covered with fur, making it look like a Bigfoot crab. Living in great depths, where there is no light, made the Yeti completely blind.

6. A strange fashionable bat fish lives at a depth of 200 meters. She does not know how to swim, but only moves her shell-covered body along the bottom, using her fins-legs for movement. She is called a fashionista for the bright red color of slightly protruding lips, which makes her quite funny.

7. Handsome slug Felimare Picta lives in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Extravagance is given to it by the coloring and shape of the body: the rich blue-yellow color of the calf, framed by a frill. He does not have his own house (like an ordinary mollusk), because he uses a special remedy for protection - acid sweat secreted throughout his body. It is unlikely that anyone would want to get involved with such prey.

8. In the Atlantic Ocean, there is a mollusk called "Flamingo Tongue". He is inseparable from his shell, which he carefully guards with his own body, and in which he hides in case of danger.

9. Seahorses, whose body is "seated" with many leaves, are called deciduous dragons. They are some of the best masters of mimicry. The leaves do not interfere at all and do not help him to swim, the dragon moves with the help of two small fins.

10. A hundred meters from the sea surface lives a pig squid. Its transparent body is covered with specks, and its eyes are framed by photophores - the organs of luminescence. The squid looks very funny and resembles a funny pig.