Why is instant coffee harmful?

Instant coffee has become indispensable for both home and office use. Many people cannot imagine the beginning of their working day without a cup of coffee, but do they know that, along with invigorating and tonic properties, instant coffee can also have a negative impact on human health?

In the hustle and bustle of working days, there is not always enough time to make natural coffee, which is why humanity invented instant coffee. Coffee beans are roasted and ground, and then they can use two methods of making instant coffee: either ground coffee is brewed for four hours until moisture absorbs all its substances, and then it is passed through a filter and evaporated, or by vacuum drying, after which coffee granules are obtained. So the aromatic drink is ready in dry form.

Coffee and the body

Instant coffee is not recommended for people who suffer from atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, glaucoma, as well as hyperexcitability and insomnia. Also, instant coffee contributes to the occurrence of gastritis, heartburn and a decrease in male potency.

Coffee Drug

Coffee is primarily associated with caffeine, and caffeine is an addictive substance. Instant coffee contains 50% more caffeine than natural coffee. Refusal from coffee leads to "coffee withdrawal", which is accompanied by drowsiness, lethargy, headaches, irritability and nausea.

If you decide to quit drinking coffee, do it slowly and gradually, depending on the amount of consumption and the period.

Coffee Poison

Today, instant coffee contains only 15% of natural coffee substances, everything else is impurities that are used in order to reduce the cost of instant coffee. They do not hesitate to add various additives to it: barley, oats, cereals, acorn powder and, of course, coffee husks, stabilizers and artificial caffeine, special flavors are also used, and instant coffee acquires the aroma lost during processing. But all these additives have a negative effect on the human body, and oversaturation with them causes toxic poisoning and serious health problems, in particular, of the heart, liver and stomach.


It is easy to identify coffee with additives; for this, it is enough to drop a couple of drops of iodine into the prepared instant coffee. If you find that the coffee has acquired a blue color, then in front of you is coffee with additives and impurities.

When choosing coffee, be guided by the fact that it is better to pamper yourself with a cup of natural coffee than to constantly consume instant coffee.