Why did parts of the world get these names?

The etymology of the names Europe, Asia and Africa is not clear. We give one of the versions why parts of the world got exactly such names?

EUROPE. The name of the Phoenician princess who was kidnapped by Zeus and taken to Crete.

ASIA. The Assuwa region was located in Asia Minor. In the mouths of the Greeks, Assuva became Asia.

AFRICA. By the name of the Afro tribe who lived in the vicinity of Carthage (now the territory of Tunisia).

AMERICA. On the 1507 map, the New World was designated America by the name of Amerigo Vespucci, who first suggested that it was a separate continent.

AUSTRALIA. Translated from Latin - "southern" (land).

ANTARCTIDA. The Greek word arktos means north. Antarctica is "opposite to the North".