Fresh collection of TOP FACTS

A fresh collection of TOP FACTS, which consists of various, interesting facts and events that take place in real life.

1. Holes on the caps from the pens began to be made so that people who accidentally swallow them would not suffocate.

2. There are unique singing roads in Japan: if you drive along them at a certain speed, you can hear their melodies.

3. The first armored vehicle of the American president was confiscated from Al Capone.

4. In London, there is a store that has been operating since 1918, in which, as the owners of the establishment assure, they can sell you salt from human tears. The assortment includes salt from tears caused by anger, sharp onions, sneezing, laughter and grief

5. Squirrels can purr.

6. When still a child, Jodie Foster starred in her first film, she was attacked by a lion. The scars remained for life.

7. A small bird, the badger warbler, can fly 4, 000 kilometers without stopping. If at the beginning of the journey it weighs 23 grams, then at the end of it there are only nine grams left.

8. Acrotomophilia - passion for limb amputation. Someone Alex Mensaert lost his leg due to an accident. Alex liked it, and he voluntarily underwent several more operations to amputate healthy limbs. Now he lives with one left hand and is quite happy.

9. Once Jimmy Carter forgot the codes required to start a nuclear attack in the pocket of his jacket, which he sent to the dry cleaner.

10. One day George Lucas needed help making some lockers for the house, and he hired a failed actor named Harrison Ford. While work was going on, Lucas took a closer look at Ford and invited him to play in American Graffiti (1973). Thus began one of the most successful careers in Hollywood.

11. In one of the restaurants in Texas, visitors are offered a free steak. The trick is that you can not pay only if you eat the meat completely, and it is very large - more than two kilograms.

12. One 15-year-old Pakistani teenager secured the closure of 780, 000 porn sites.

13. Currently in America there are 18.6 million empty houses. That would be enough to allocate three American homes for every Scottish resident, or six for every homeless American.

14. Chronophobia is a neurotic fear of the movement of time. Most often found in prisoners sentenced to long terms.

15. In 1902, Albert Einstein had a daughter. Nobody knows what happened to her.

16. There are four different scientific theories to explain why the bathroom curtain pulls inward when you shower.

17. The temperature of lightning is five times higher than the temperature of the sun's surface.

18. The youngest mother in history was only five years old.

19. Fluid from young coconuts can be used as a replacement for blood plasma.

20. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive cars, but they are allowed to fly planes.

21. A strong earthquake can affect the speed of rotation of the Earth, which means it can change the length of the day.

22. Pope Leo X had a pet, the white Asian elephant Hanno, who died of a laxative containing natural gold.

23. "Gorilla" comes from the Greek word meaning "tribe of hairy women."

24. The Wizard of the Emerald City has a sequel. In it, the main character is put in a psychiatric hospital, because no one believed in her story.

25. Having digested one sheet of paper, termites are able to release up to two liters of hydrogen. This means that termites can be ranked among the most efficient bioreactors on the planet.