Super heavy tank "Maus"

Hitler's favorite brainchild, the largest tank ever built in metal (188 tons combat weight), the Maus (also known as the Porsche 205 or Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus) was designed and built by Ferdinand Porsche.

The history of the tank can begin with a meeting that Hitler held on July 8, 1942. The meeting was attended by Professor F. Porsche and A. Speer, who then instructed the Fuhrer to start work on a "breakthrough tank" with the maximum possible armor protection and which would be armed with a 150 mm gun. or 128mm.

The tank was executed at a high technological level for its time. So, it used a multi-roll undercarriage and tracks with a width of 1, 1 meter. This suspension design provided the vehicle with specific ground pressure, which did not greatly exceed the performance of serial heavy tanks. One of the main features of the tank was its two-gun armament, powerful circular armor and an electromechanical independent transmission for the right and left tracks.