Final, 5 part of interesting facts

The final, 5th part of interesting facts, we summarize and start a new one, since our world is huge and immense. There are a lot of interesting things in it that we don't even know about. This is not the entire list of facts in our solar system, on our Earth. The world and everything that surrounds it is unique.

• The fastest growing children are in the spring.

• Women have more taste buds than men.

• Koala and humans are the only mammals to have fingerprints.

• A nerve impulse from the brain moves at a speed of 271 km / h.

• Over the past 100 years, the brightness of the sun has increased by 1%.

• In India, astrology is officially recognized as a science.

• Every second the human brain receives 40 million pieces of information, and only 40 of them reach consciousness.

• Studies have proven that music can restore memory and repair damaged areas of the brain.

• The sun revolves around the Milky Way, making a complete circle for 225-250 million years.

• According to research by scientists, 4-5% of the brain works in men, and 7% in women.

• Romantic love can last no more than a year, because the brain is not able to maintain a sense of romance forever.

• Eggplant contains almost the entire periodic table, therefore, it is very useful.

• Pomegranate juice contains the most substances that affect hormonal levels, causing passion and attraction to your partner.

• People who listen to metal, classical, rock pass the IQ test most successfully.

• It will take 1000 years to watch all YouTube videos.

• The hardest tissue produced by humans is tooth enamel.