Interesting facts about animals (Read the best)

Today, a lot is said and written about animals, and this is not surprising, because they represent that diverse world that has not yet been fully understood and studied. In our article, you will learn a lot of interesting things about animals, and some facts will make you deeply surprised, because few know what you read.

Let's start with the chameleons. In this insect hunter, the length of the tongue is equal to half of its body. The same applies to giraffes, the length of the tongue of which can be up to forty-five cm.

The penguin is the only flightless bird on the planet that walks upright and can swim.

An ostrich egg, boiled for 40 minutes is quite a lot, and you can make eleven and a half servings of omelet from it.

Ferrets are the most "sleepy" animals, they sleep up to twenty hours a day.

In tigers, not only fur, but also skin is painted in a strip.

Among insects, the most powerful is the leaf-cutting ant, which lifts and moves loads weighing fifty times the mass of the ant itself.

Of all pets, the Bible does not speak of cats. Obviously, these animals were never seen by the scribes.

One of the many species of hummingbirds, called the Giant Hummingbird, is comparable in size to a swallow.

In terms of the number of muscles, the caterpillar is superior to the human.

Longest of all animals, without water, a rat can hold out.

Tit chicks eat a thousand times a day.

The snail moves at a speed of 1.5 millimeters per second, and it has 781 times more teeth in its mouth than a human.

Not only men go bald, but also male monkeys. Apparently, after all, Darwin was right.

A pregnant female armadillo, in life-threatening conditions, can postpone childbirth for up to two years.

Black Sea perches are born female, but by the age of five they change it to male.

When a baby giraffe is born, it falls from a height of one and a half meters.

These are the animals they are. Now you know about it too!

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