T-5000 high-precision sniper rifle of Russia

T-5000 is a high-precision sniper rifle, manufactured in Russia. Another confirmation that Russia is good at creating only weapons.

Some information from the wiki:

ORSIS T-5000 (from Russian weapon systems; also ORSIS T-5000) is a high-precision sniper rifle with manual reloading. Produced by the ORSIS weapons plant of the Promtechnologii industrial group, located in Moscow. Currently, the rifle is sold only in the civilian version, the cost of the rifle is about 160, 000 rubles. The rifle was presented in 2011 at the international Russian arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil. These rifles can be used by both special law enforcement units and specially trained army snipers.

At the beginning of June 2012, the command of Directorate A of the Central Security Service of the FSB won the international police and army sniper world cup competition using T-5000 rifles.