When did football appear? (Interesting fact)

Now football is rightfully recognized as the most popular game in the whole world. But few people know that he very hard and hard work made his way to the top of the sports Olympus. And almost no one remembers the time when the players and fans of this sport were persecuted, and the game itself was called socially dangerous and banned, and as an analogue, they offered to buy a carousel for children on the website: http://flip-flap.com.ua/category /detskie-kachalki-i-karuseli.html to distract from this activity)

England is considered to be the birthplace of football, where it originated in the middle of the nineteenth century. But this is not true. They kicked the ball since time immemorial. There is a well-known complaint from King Edward II of England, where in 1314 he complained about the London riots, which were caused by the fact that people were too violent, attending football games - those who are now called "ultras" or simply fans.

Also, football has become over the throat and the holy clergy. And the reason was that the parishioners stopped honoring as previously holy Sunday because of the games.

There are ancient records that say that males who played football were imposed huge financial fines while preaching in the church's clubhouses.