Salt is poison ?! (Interesting fact)

Often people do not think that some products from our everyday diet, which seems to be familiar over the years, are very harmful to the body, therefore, if you exclude them, you can prolong your life. It's about salt.

Californian scientists have deeply studied human nutrition and stated that if a person wants to improve his health and prolong his life, then he should eat fifteen percent less salt. Thus, the work of the body will noticeably improve.

Eating a lot of salt can raise blood pressure and worsen heart ailments. Also, salts are deposited in the inter-articular and interosseous space. This leads to hernias, vertebral dislocations and pinched nerves.

It is clear that it is not easy to give up salt due to the fact that many products from the store already contain it in their composition. But when preparing meals at home, it is quite possible to limit its use.

Nutritionists advise to exercise and drink plenty of water, because when you sweat, all the salt is excreted from the body. All the same housewives, at the end of the article, we offer to buy a pressure cooker in Ukraine to delight their hubby with unusual dishes.