The color pink doesn't really exist (Fact)

The color pink doesn't really exist. That is, of course, it is, but only in our imagination, scientists say.

The problem is that pink is a combination of red and purple, two colors that are on opposite sides of the rainbow spectrum.

Pink cannot exist in nature without bending the colors of the rainbow so that red and violet mix, which is theoretically impossible.

Color is the image of our brain and vision, and when you look at a pink object, you are not really seeing the pink wavelength of light. It appears pink only because certain wavelengths of light are reflected, while others are absorbed, being suppressed by pigments.

Thus, pink is the reflective color that humans see, because the brain transforms the light that reflects off of it.

In fact, pink should be called "negative green" because it is a residual color from exposure to white when we remove the green.