Silent Hill is not fiction!

Most horror films, as well as science fiction films, are the inventions of directors and screenwriters. But there are exceptions - some ideas are taken from reality. This happened with the game for the computer, and then with the film Silent Hill. Almost no one knows, but in America there is a city of Centralia, where a fire has been blazing underground for forty-seven years.

The fire was caused by firefighters, who burned technical waste in a long-closed coal mine. Nobody knew that there were huge deposits of anthracite. Experts say that the fire will continue for another two hundred and fifty years.

Residents for seventeen years in a row complained about the consequences of the fire, but the city authorities did not respond. Only the mayor of the city paid attention, and then after his gas station was in danger. The crown was closed in 1979 because the temperature of gasoline underground exceeded the norm. And in 1981, a huge hole formed under the feet of the child - fifty meters deep. The child got off with fright, but after that they began to evacuate the residents. Some left the city on their own. Now only nine people live in Centralia. Although there is no smoke in the air, no thick fog, it is still creepy to live over a fire.

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